Why An Amethyst Beverage?

The Healthier Beverage

With Fulvic Acid

The Fulvic and humic acids within Amethyst have been scientifically studied to suppress several diseases including Alzheimer's, arthritis, diabetes, gout, Graves' Disease, hypertension & several types of cancers. [more]


2 great choices - CBD to assist in maintaining great health or THC for personal enjoyment

CBD Advantage

CBD can assist in providing relief for anxiety, depression, pain over time, and good sleep. Being nonpsychoactive, gives you the health benefits from the plant without getting high

Infused Ionic Minerals

Ionic minerals carry a charge that can bond with water to allow it to be easily distributed throughout the body. Charged minerals, particularly electrolytes, also help maintain electrical gradients across cell membranes. [more


According to a State of Science Review done in 2008, organic food has more nutritional superiority than its non-organic counterparts. [more]

Delta9 HDI Advantage

Delta 9 hemp derived infused is one of the primary chemical compounds responsible for its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects. [more]

More on Fulvic Acid

Here is some great information on Fulvic Acid

What is Different about an Amethyst Beverage?

Amethyst Beverage is the newest specialty health beverage, taking water to the next level. Amethyst, with its specialized formulation, was designed to rehydrate the body up 37 percent faster with the addition of 70 ionic minerals, fulvic acid and aloe. 

Amethyst Water is certified USDA organic, FDA tested and is available with or without HEMP Extract.