About Amethyst

The brand formula of Amethyst Beverage was established in 2017 in Las Vegas, NV mostly as a directive to support a Philanthropy effort toward cancers associated with children and adults. Amethyst Beverage is the only water in the marketplace to have flavored (Strawberry, Orange/Mango Watermelon and 15 others available) alkaline water containing clear Fulvic Acid and Aloe Vera for health reasons as well as over 70 ionic minerals. Amethyst is also the only current company to provide Certificate of Analysis on all production to customers to back our ingredients after the product has been produced. With the acquisition of the brand by Alternative Wellness Health in 2019 we have current bottling with plants located in Socal CA., Houston, TX and soon in Mesquite, NV.  Alternative Wellness is equipped to produce over 1,000,000 pallets per month in CBD and non-CBD water. Locations are being evaluated at this time to focus on CBD, Delta 9 and THCO products will all products being derived by the HEMP.

Amethyst Beverage is a disruptive brand unlike anything that’s been introduced into the CBD and Delta 9 Water markets to date. Building awareness among focused target markets is the team’s primary mission over the next year. The approach begins with a careful selection of target audiences and continues with the introduction of the product concept, with particular focus on the CBD, Delta 9 and THCO Alkaline innovations. Then we offer extensive product sampling supported by consistent content marketing and nimble campaigns to incite significant product adoption among the key target markets. More specifically, over the course of 12 months we will employ a wide number of opportunities – both online and in person- to promote Amethyst Beverage and educate potential consumers on the benefits innovations and proper product usage. Primary strategies include wide-spread sampling, carefully targeted Private Label programs, media and compelling video. Social Media will play a key role in all elements of Amethyst Beverage by engaging current and existing private label and Amethyst branding through content marketing