Rock N Roll Energy Drink

CBD WATER FOR ATHLETES and MusicianCBD water may become an irreplaceable tool. As well as providing a source of hydration (up to 37% faster than competing purified waters), the water may help to prevent and treat other issues that athletes often may encounter. Many experience inflammation because of the nature of the sport or the amount of time they engage in and the repetitive strain that their body is subjected to. Athletes go to the effort of plunging into ice baths after workouts to boost recovery time. The infusion of CBD, along with our other additives, helps to bolster athletes recovery by taking the edge off of pain and serving as an anti-inflammatory.  For Musicians it supports the pain of inflammation from playing instruments or soothing of the vocal cords.

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The PROFESSIONAL SOCCERade drinks are based on the original Leppin Smart Energy formula which includes: No artificial colors No preservatives No caffeine or other stimulants Quenches thirst and maintains hydration Provides gentle, long – lasting energy Provides measured amounts of electrolytes (minerals & salt) RUNade Isotonic is designed to power through all the way with a good taste in the mouth when quenching thirst and re -hydrating but more importantly RUNade Isotonic replaces vital electrolytes for your body. We at RUNade believe, by matching similar salt and sugar content of blood that is in the human body RUNade Isotonic will meet the human body needs during various activities, exercise and competition.